Monday, April 11, 2011

I Made This One Myself!!!

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I am a member of the Treasury Friends Team on Etsy.
I am happy to be a part of this team as it's why I tend to be featured in so many treasuries.
We help eachother out and promote eachother.....however it's hard work too!
I am required to make a treasury at least once a month consisting of other member's items.
This is the one I came up with for is the comment I left for a description:

I have a little dog like this; her name is Olive. I dream of taking her to old European towns on walks through parks and down old cobbled streets. I shop with foreign money...and speak languages I didn't even know I knew....

I encourage you to click on the photos of items you see....or even just go to see this treasury in person. If you are not familiar with how the treasuries work....basically, the more they are clicked on the more popular they become....and the more chances they have of getting to the coveted "FRONT PAGE" of Etsy.
It's a real honor to have your treasury or your item to be featured on the front page.
I have only had a handful of my items ever make it there....but I'm very blessed to even have that many!!!
Just to leave you with a little something is another treasury I've found myself in this morning:

Pretty huh?
Have a great Spring Day!
I'm off to bring my mother to the eye doctors....where she more than likely will have a large needled shot directly into her eye!
But....she's a trooper....and always tries to tell me:
"'s the pits gettin' old! Enjoy life while you're young!"
Mom, I'm only 37 and I'm feelin' it already babe!!!!
Hope your day will be good however....and I'll be settin' more up soon,
here on
Trisha Brink Design!

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