Saturday, April 9, 2011

New in My Shop: Grandiflora

Oh I have so many things to show you....
today I'm going to share some photos of product from my shop
Grandiflora Home and Garden
in Lynden, Washington USA

What??? You didn't know I had a shop???
Yes, I own a very lovely shop with my sister La Von, and my mother Jan.
We have been in business over 10 years now.
The shop is located in a lovely Century + old building that once housed a
Masonic Lodge.
After it was completely remodeled by my Parents, we opened shop.
We also had another partner, our sister Carrie who has since retired from the business.

The shop houses OVER 5,000 Square Feet of lovelies for the home and garden both inside and out.
Both new and vintage mingle together to create lovely vignettes.
We love what we do at
If you're ever in the Pacific Northwest & and fancy some great shopping time...
stop in and say
I'd love to meet you!
Grandiflora is my main business....all that I do here on my blog and on Etsy, Flickr, Pinterest,  etc...etc...etc...
is done in my "spare time".
I LOVE what I do....and can't quite stop myself sometimes....
if you have the "spare time" yourself...

Come and find out more over at our shop blog
or you can always find the link to the shop on my blog sidebar.
Often I find that my blog buddies don't realize that I also have a
"brick and mortar"
shop on top of my Etsy shops....
I figured I'd do some more features of
I've got lots more to show stay tuned!
Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. You are a busy lady. Do you ever sleep??? ;P

  2. Only when I'm doing my paperwork. :D

  3. So creative mind you have trisha. Love your job. Appreciate by heart. I also like to do paperwork.
    dean graziosi


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