Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tristan's Trip to Children's Hospital:Update

Big brother Tristan reading to little brother Elliot the newest issue of Highlights on a Saturday Morning.
Who needs cartoons?!?!
Thanks to all of you who issued such lovely words of encouragement & prayer for me and our son Tristan.
We had a good day together down at Children's Hospital.
We are going back in one month for more tests & checkups.
Sadly Tristan will be losing a permanant tooth which he just got in....we are not sure if it's due to the Schleroderma or not....but we are hoping it's a fluke and this will not repeat itself....however, we are preparing ourselves for the fact that it could.
All the dentists/oral surgeons are stumped as to what has happened; they've never seen this before.
Linear Schleroderma is VERY rare....and especially where Tristan has it
(on his jawline/chin)
So, there is not much to go on for "history" in this case.
We will continue to do the low dose Chemo and see where this disease will take us.
I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate you so much.....and that it's so nice to be able to be
even here.

Blowing  bubbles earlier this Spring 2011

I am once again, so thankful for your prayers....and covet more if you will.
As I said before, we just don't know much about this disease as it's so rare, and never know
if/when/where it could strike his body again.
Thanks again ladies....You are appreciated


  1. Trish, I am sorry I didn't read a previous post about young Tristan. You have my prayers! As a cancer survivor myself, I know full well what it means to have been lifting up by prayer!
    If you need anything at all, you know I am not far away and will jump in the car to be there.
    A meal, a let me know. For right now, I will just lift you and the family up and will continue to also as the days, months go by.

    Dear Lord,
    I pray for this young family. I pray you would just be with them. I pray for Tristan. That if it is your will, he would be healed of this disease. Lord, I pray you would comfort this family and that they would feel your loving arms surrounding them and giving them the peace that only you can bring.
    In your name,

  2. Oh Melody, I'm overwhelmed to tears (with a smile :) I appreciate your thoughts and prayers so much...I'm sure you know the feeling, having been through so much yourself.
    Thank-you SO much.

  3. We were just at Children's ourselves for round 2 of hand surgery for Gavin, going back next Tues. for cast and pin removal. They are wonderful there and make the kids feel so special!!
    So praying you guys get to the bottom of this and have some answers.
    Miss seeing you.

  4. thanks for giving us an update...
    so sorry he'll be losing a tooth but hopefully things will get better soon~

  5. I believe our children are in class together at school! Tristan is such a sweet little boy :) Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Marla...SO good to hear from you! I hope your new little Gavin is adjusting well. Someday when you are feeling up to it, stop by Grandiflora and bring him along! I hope that all the post surgery will go well...and that this might be the end of it??? I'd love to see you again!!! :)

    Andrea, you are always so sweet and encouraging...I appreciate all your lovely comments...really....ALOT! :)

    Lydia, oh my goodness! How awesome! Who's your little one??? I love to help at school and work with all the little ones...I'm looking forward to going on the "Milk" fieldtrip on Thursday!!! Maybe we'll run into eachother sometime! ;)

  7. Hello Trish... A big hug for you and your family. All my positive thoughts are with you :)

  8. I will pray for wisdom for Tristan's medical team. Thanks for the update, and I hope you and your sweet family have a blessed Easter.

    Ricki Jill

  9. My daughter Emma is in class with Tristan. I volunteer a few times a month. How about that concert last night! I love to hear them sing :)

  10. Hey Lydia, I asked Tristan who Emma is, as I always have a hard time with the girl's names. I know the boys by heart...but girls are generally left out of his conversations at home. Here was his typical "boy" response: "Well....she's kinda got blonde-ish brown hair...she sits by me...uh....she kinda likes princesses and fairies and stuff...she's friends with Rachel...did you know that I can do an armpit fart?!?!?!?" ;D

    Oh for the love of boys! :) I finally went to the class picture, and figured out who she is. I've volunteerd for only about 5 times this I'm still learning who each child is. I've helped your sweet little daughter with some writing projects, and if I remember correctly....she's as sharp as a tack! :)

    I loved the concert the other night, and froze at the Milk Makers Fest....but had fun there too. Next time we're at a function if you see me blindly wandering around....come say "Hi" I'd love to meet you in person!

    Happy Easter Weekend!


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