Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Sheeting + Inspiration

By Me
at Ollie Bollen
I am addicted to fabrics....
I love vintage fabrics best!
I have been selling vintage fabrics for years now, but have just recently been listing
Fat Quarters of vintage sheeting over on Etsy for a little while now.
A Fat Quarter is a piece of fabric that measures 18" x 22"
and is used in sewing and quilting projects like these:
Mintlane on Etsy

Little Kitten Home Made on Etsy

As you can see,
there are so many lovely things you can do with vintage sheeting!
I love to work with it to make jewelry:

and hair accessories:

and even weave baskets!

So, as you can see....there are so many uses for vintage sheeting!
Find my retro fat quarters over at
along with many more fun items made from the sheeting.
I am always listing something new there....
so stay tuned!


  1. Such fun...I have made the rag baskets before...thanks for reminding me about them...I may make some for Easter!
    Hugs and love for a great week. xoxoxox

  2. these are great -thanks for sharing those links, i'll be checking them out next :)


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