Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bob's Bags are Too Cool 2 B Junk!

John Bob Cool Junk Bags!!! For Free???? No WAY!!!
 I have some big news for those of you who are planning on coming down to 
The first 20 folks in line will receive one of these super cute bags (made by Bob of John Bob Cool Junk) filled with goodies from the vendors!!!
I have been feverishly whipping up cute-tas-tic baggies filled with wonderful treasures for the
fortunate 20 from our shop
I am also proud to annouce that you can find out LOTS more about this function by visiting
You won't be sad that you did....
although you might wish you hadn't after you are enticed by all the.....
.....welllllllll.....I won't say.
It wouldn't be fair to spoil it!


  1. ohhhhhhhh....i might need to go! :) and i heart snohomish!!

  2. Those bags are pretty fabulous as is....and they will become fabulouser with your swag ;) Wishing I was anywhere near Washington...

  3. LOVE the bags! Sure wish I could make it..too far away for this gal. Does he sell them??

  4. Ooooh Deb....that's a great question! I know he's always got lots and lots of pillows for sale etc....but I'll have to check into this for ya! I can't believe I didn't think of that myself! :) I'll let ya know when I find out...

    P.S. Wish all you far off gals could make it....don't worry....I'll be takin' photos!!!

  5. So great to meet you this afternoon at Second Saturdayz - I'm your nearer follower & will do a post tonight of blogger....

  6. So Fun to see you girls at the Show! I hope you did well and had a good time!
    I LOVE my new little Prints! Too cute!

    I'm now a follower so I can see what you're up to!

    Shell (Joyworks) aka Bungalow Bling
    (I'm going to post some pics of SecondSaturdayz,,hop on over and Check them out when you get a chance!)

  7. yesterday I went to the sale and purchased your camera print! Then I stumbled onto a great frame which I bought at Pottery Barn to frame it in. It's already hanging in my kitchen. Your work is lovely! I had a hard time deciding which print to buy!

  8. You Girls are all so sweet!!! :D

    Thanks to everyone who attended the show at Second Saturdayz!!! It was so much fun meeting you all in person...honestly I am so humbled....and pretty excited that you are liking my prints so much. It is a little dream come true for me!

    Blessings to each of you & have a great week! :)


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