Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Book That Made Me..... ME!

 This is THE book that started it all.... obsession with decorating spaces with home made junk.
 ....collecting"Things of Beauty", even if only in the eye of this beholder
 ....artistic adventures in drawing, painting, doodling,  etc....
 ....creating foodilicious works of art...
 ....craftyness....just hand me a pair of scissors, some glue, and a needle and thread....stand back and watch out!
...uh....can you say "Mixed Media"? and my Teddy....we spent more than a few rainy (and sunny) days paging through this awesome book...
....who knows what my little men will become....but it will probably be inspired by some small random moment, experience, or book.
I just hope that whatever it is will bring them joy for the rest of their lives just like mine has.

Have you ever actually read my profile?
You's just to the right on my blog.
I haven't changed it since I began blogging years ago....and I've always accredited this great book!
Imagine my excitement when I found this long lost copy of
Childcraft Encyclopedia
Craft Edition
at my local Library!!!
Let me just say....the whole Library turned around and looked at me blankly when I
So much for hush hush....
....there are exceptions to every rule!
to hear about your life's
I'm off to celebrate my son
Teddy and I?  ....we are wondering where the last 30-some years have gone.
I'm still TOTALLY 5years old at heart!



  1. I can relate to this. When I was a kid...we had the World Book Encyclopedia. I still remember the day the Encyclopedia salesman came to the house and my Mom bought it. My Mom never bought anything from a door to door cookies....nothing but this man she listened to intently and then she ordered the books.

    The rule was to never look at them unless our hands were clean. And we never did. Those books are still pristine today. But I like you...pulled out the Arts and Crafts book over and over....and knew every page by heart. I also looked and and read the dog section in the D book over and over and over. The section on Fairies was a big one for me too.

    Thanks for bringing this memory back. Of course the set got used for countless reports for school but the most important to me were the crafts and dogs. I don't even know if my Mom has any idea how much I looked at those. And the most important things to me to this day are crafts and dogs. Not much has changed.

  2. Oh Nita! I knew there would be some kindred spirits out there!!! :) I don't know if I ever actually thanked my parents out loud for this set of (what I can only imagine was) expensive books?! I should! I'm so happy for you that you still have them! Ours are gone long when I found this copy in the FREE bin at the Library book shop, I nabbed it! Sad to see a set seperated...but I'm thrilled to have it too!

    Thanks for your awesome response!!!


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