Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winning is Such Sweet Poetry!

When I was wondering where to turn next for inspiration in Photography....
I had the brilliant idea of turning to those I trust on the subject best:

YOU, my faithful Blogger Buddies!

I trust you beyond measure....I know that if you want to see a photo of something....
then there are others just like you out there somewhere!

I have to say I was BLOWN AWAY by the awesome response that I received from you!
I have so many ideas brimming in my head right now....
I want to take 10 field trips!

First things first however, I need to announce the winner of my
Set of 4 Prints Giveaway.

Because I am so impressed with all the suggestions each of you gave me....I'm not going to judge you based on can I compare the suggestions??? They were each so great!

However, I CAN compare how they were given....and'll all have to agree....or at least I think you will after you read this submission....that this was the winner head and shoulders above the rest.

Congratulations to  I Am Me who writes:

A photo of a butterfly drinking from a vibrant field of flowers,
A photo of green grass gracefully drizzled in a spring shower;

For spring is dripping in sweetness.

A picture of two song birds nestled in their love,

A picture of two blurred human love birds on a sun stroked stroll through an enchanted park;

For spring brings out the mating things and makes the heartbeats have drum rolls.

A captured moment of empty once filled eggshells in a nest now broken in hatched pieces,

A captured moment of a newly adopted fish, kitten, puppy or other pet;

For spring is about new beginnings
A photograph of elegant books paired with flip-flops and a sunhat,

A photograph of a sundress hanging in a window as it mingles with the sunshine and the spring bright curtains;

For spring whispers of the coming summer.

A photo of a gardener’s spade beside a newly planted flower with fresh soil richly proclaiming its new transplanted presence to its current home,

A photo of strawberry shortcake on rose patterned plates,

A photo of vintage dancing shoes upon a lovely floor;

For spring is a celebration.

A picture of two twig-boats racing on their way upon a moving stream,

A picture of unopened love letters upon a dresser top,

And, a picture perfect passport holding tickets nestled with a large jar of coins beside the kitchen sink,

For spring is a time of anticipation.
I have to say...I was SO impressed with the way this submission was entered....that I teared up!
Such beauty in words....
I hope my photos can relay this beauty...
it's alot of pressure to think they may be able to....
but I am ON IT!
Thank-you again everyone for entering....and especially to
Sarah ( I Am Me)
You are all such an inspiration to me....
and I want to thank-you for all your
love and support.
I appreciate it more than you may know....some of you know what it is like to have many medical bills to pay, and I'll be honest with you....God has blessed me with these creative talents to earn extra money to  make ends meet while still being able to stay at home with my little one.
Your suggestions, kind mentions on your blogs, & support have helped me to provide for our older son Tristan's Medical help.
Blessings my dear friends,
P.S. Sarah, send me an email at to get started on claiming your prize!


  1. wow-it is beautifully written!!

    i understand about the medical bills-sometimes it seems we cannot get ahead of them...and i agree about using your talents - you have a great artistic talent...
    -prayers and blessing to you and yours :)

  2. Yay for Sarah. I'm so glad I found your blog, but now I must go back and read about your family. God Bless...

  3. Ummmmmm......yeah. Sarah rocks. She is a deserving winner! :D
    Have a great week, Trisha, and congrats to Sarah!!!

  4. Thank you so much, Trish! I am still very honored by your words!

    I can't wait to see what lovely photos you create as you have time.

    And-Thank you everyone for the kind congratulations! =D


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