Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally...Farm Chicks!

 Oh my goodness gracious!
Wow, has it really been two whole weeks since
I think it has!
Oh I've been SO busy....and I'm just trying to get a bit caught here goes:
 After driving a bit over 400 miles from Lynden, Washington...we were SO excited to check out the show as soon as we possibly could!
Some really fun gals in line ahead of us had sidewalk chalk to play around with whilst waiting in line....
we marked the Grandiflora Girls down as having attended!
Sometime during that wait in line I/We were interviewed by
KING 5's Evening Magazine Camera Crew.
(Seattle's NBC affiliate)
It was a bit say the least!
 I love that the Spokane County Fairgrounds even has a cute silo to boast the Farm Chicks Banner! :)
 So much Funky Junk lay ahead of us as we finally were able to enter.
 These girls were having WAY TOO MUCH FUN modeling Tarte's new retro inspired clothing line!
 The show was such a JOY to be at! Every time you turned your head you saw something else you had to go investigate! I've been to some really awesome shows in my day on Portabello Road, the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and Trade shows including VEGAS....but I've never seen the creativity located there as I did here!
I'm telling you I love this show!!!
 Above you'll see my favorite vendors at the show...WANDERLUX!
You know I love me a little Granny Chic wherever I can get it!
 Here's my adorable sister La Von shopping for YARD STICKS, which happens to be her "collect for the moment" item of choice. She has one rule: never pay over $5.00....the cheaper the better! Don't ask her what she's gonna do with she has no idea! However...knowing how talented she is...she'll come up with something really freakin' awesome in her own sweet time!
All in all it was a great "Retreat" for us to get away!
Don't worry...I've got more photos where these came from....
I'll have to come back later...
it's already
Luva ya'll

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