Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Do on the First Day of Summer:

 Happy to say I've got 5 of the 10 items on my to do list done already...and it's only
Following is to do number 6 at Wesley Asher on Etsy

Happy Summer everyone!!!


  1. Yahooooo for you...my list is growing..what`s up with that.
    Visited your sweet shop on Monday...wishing I would of seen you...I am so impressed with your upstairs...such sweet sweet treasures. I will be back for more soon. I have a sweet new globe and a little bluebird staring at me right now that found their way home with me.
    Sorry I missed you.


  2. Yes Ricki...I AM! ;) but....I love my life....so it's ok! I'm not gonna lie, it sure is nice to have a break from the boys once in awhile however. So I'm makin' tracks and doin' as much as is possible while they are away. ;)

    Koralee...I'm so sorry I missed you! :( However I'm really happy you had fun at the shop (and found some goodies too)! We will connect some time I just know it! I hope you are well, and enjoying the sunny weather...finally! :)
    Cheers dearies,

  3. I love that vase and plaque! You are so busy. I need to put my tasks into list form!


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