Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Orderly Moment...

So today I was pondering some organization for myself, & low and behold I logged into my
Ollie Bollen account on Etsy and found I had been featured in this great treasury!
I am always trying to get caught up in the organizational department!
Sadly, I seem to have one of those lives which doesn't really compliment the organized lifestyle some of my friends have.

Reasons I Cannot Seem to Stay Organized:
1. I am by nature an artist.
(this list should end here!)
2. I have two boys, 5 & 7.
(again, list should be fairly short)
3. I become severely distracted by all my pretties whilst attempting to organize!
(why am I continuing this freakin' list anyway?)
4. I like that English Cottage lived in look.
(clean, but somewhat dishevelled & charming)
5. I run 3 busy Etsy shops, one brick and mortar shop, and now one online shop.
I think I need an assistant!

if I could only afford to pay for one!?

Until then, I'll just try to keep as organized as my creative life will allow me to.
Most importantly?
I will keep on creating....because that's what makes me truly happy anyway!

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  1. Happy is all you need to be my sweet friend. xoxoxo Hugs


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