Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

 I've been neglecting things at home for awhile...& quite frankly there is nothing like
welcoming a new season to spark your creativity!
I have been working hard with my little ones on crafts for a sweet little craft show that
they're participating in this coming week.
In between long days at work & getting regular housework done,
I've been trying to get some Christmas decor out and displayed.
I thought as it'd been awhile since I showed you my kitchen,
I would share a glimpse again.
I'm not big on red as a normal color for decorating with anymore
(my last home was painted solid red throughout the entire interior!)
I DO love a little red at Christmas!
I put a smidge here and there...
I had to have these extra long stripey stockings for our family!
( Came from my shop Grandiflora Home and Garden )
Aren't they great?
I love the bold use of color and geometrics...stripes are just SO hot now!
Since we don't have a mantle, I figured the staircase would do.
I've papered my hall with old sheet music...I like how random the pen and ink pictures are.
Anyway...little bits here and there of the Christmas Spirit.
I worked on our outdoor decor...lots of color there too!
I'll try to get a few captures of that too as time allows.
We also got a Christmas Tree today!
My dad owns  A Christmas Tree it's pretty easy for us to nab one.
I am a huge fan of Noble Firs.
I'm sitting here sniffing up as much of the fresh green scent as I can!
This tree is absolutely delicious to smell!
I can't wait to start decorating it too!
stay tuned for much more to come.
I love this time of the year,
don't you?

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  1. i love this time of year too! your stockings look great-and i love your new banner :)


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