Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Christmas Crafts Can Save a Life

 We've been busy at the Brink House!
Lots of glitter, yarn, papers, & glue are starting to take shape into tiny little bits of
Christmas Goodness!
I thought I'd share a little bit about what I've been up to with my boys
Tristan 8, & Elliot 5.
They are working hard with their crafty mama to come up with sweet items to sell at an upcomming kids bazaar which they have decided to participate in.
Paper Poinsettias
One of the items I thought I'd share with you are these adorable little paper poinsettia flowers that are gracing the Christmas Gift Tags (above) which the boys are making.
Simply punch out two Fiskars flower punches in your favorite color.
( You can find this style of punch at most craft stores, or just use one you already have.)
Attach the two flowers with a glue dot alternating the petals.
Place an adhesive gel gem in the center of the top flower, and bend the petals upward.
Attach the finished Poinsettia to anything you like with an adhesive glue dot.

One of the fun things we did was to attach the poinsettias to little red jewelry gift boxes.
We are trying to come up with fun crafts that folks will enjoy purchasing for use during the
Christmas Season.

We are working SO HARD for the big day....
Do you want to know WHY we are WORKING SO HARD???
We have made a commitment to eachother to do something
E  X T R A O R D I N A R Y
this Christmas.
The boys are trying to raise enough money to purchase a
goat and chickens
It will cost them $100.00 to do this.
After seeing how committed they were to working towards this goal, Chad and I
decided to help them out by purchasing the bits and baubles that they will need to make items worthy of purchase by the general public.
I have been working double time to come up with fun ideas for crafts that the two boys will be capable of working on AND that people would actually WANT to purchase.
They are supposed to make the crafts by themselves with as little help as possible.
Once in awhile they need help with some glue, a stapler, or a paper punch....
but they are doing the work themselves.
Now I'm working on getting the word out.
If you are local, please come to the
on December 3rd between 10:30 & Noon to support their cause.
If you are from far away, I ask for your prayers.
Pray that the boys will learn great things from helping others who are in need more than they are.
I also encourage you to go to
see what you might be able to purchase for those in need this year.

Stay tuned for more craft tidbits to come...
the boys are willing to share their ideas with you & teach you how
Little Christmas Crafts Can Save a Life.


  1. Now that's the TRUE spirit of Christmas! You're an amazing mommy, Trish!!!


    Debi at Ormolulu

  2. If I can take a break from decorating that day I will definitely come by!! You are an AWESOME mommy!! :)

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