Friday, December 2, 2011

More Crafts & a Fun Day in Lynden for All!

 I know that Scrabble Tiles have been used in crafting for quite some time now....
but it never grows old for me.
Fun nights spent around a Scrabble board evoke memories of childhood.
Although it wasn't my favorite board game,
I always had fun trying to come up with the wildest words possible!
Now, I keep my eyes peeled when I'm thrifting for old Scrabble games....I usually find a few throughout the year.
Many are missing pieces etc...and aren't good for "playing" anymore, so I start dividing them up into words.
This year however, Tristan can SPELL & READ! So, I let him help with that.
We had lots of fun thinking of words used to describe Christmas and Wintertime.
Once we had the words figured out...we just started gluing!
Elliot was really in the spirit, and loved making this easy craft.
once the placketts are gone (as there are only about 4 in a box)
you have to come up with other ways to display the words....
I got to thinking and figured out that if we cut a small strip of chipboard (smaller than the word itself), and glued the letters to it, we would have a solid "held together" word!
So we got to working....
Elliot had alot of fun with this part!
I had to watch how he put the words together as "star" suddenly turned into "arts".
came to the rescue!!!
He was able to drill tiny little holes with the boys into the corner of each word.
Once that was done I helped them string
black iron wire into each corner to make a primitive hanger.
Pretty cute huh?
We will be selling these little cuties at the craft fair this Saturday:

 at our lovely Lynden Library

The boys are trying to earn money to buy a goat and 2 chickens

We are hoping they'll reach their goal of $100.00?
If they go over that, they'll be keeping the rest and splitting it between the two of them!
How fun?!
Did you know that there is a whole day of fun planned in
Sinterklaas comes to town at noon to meet all the Children!
 Yep....Lynden is inherently Dutch!
You HAVE to head to the Dutch Bakery and get some
(small round dutch dohnuts that are divine!)
or some
Almond Sticks
(pastry wrapped almond paste...yummo!)
After poking around town, you must head on over to our shop....
to shop from all the Christmas Goodies that are all on sale now at 20% off!
And just when things start getting can head on over to
Front Street
The lighted Christmas parade at 6pm.
It starts over by the Fairgrounds/Fairway Shopping Center
heads for Downtown.
It should be a good evening for it,
 as it's supposed to be clear and dry!
It's a fun day ahead in
So, we hope to see you there!

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  1. Love the scrabble idea. Will be keeping my eye out for the tiles.


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