Friday, January 20, 2012

Geometrics are they for YOU?

A little Geometric lovin' from my shop
I was
just wondering about your take on the whole
Geometrics movement
going on now.
If you ask me...there are good geometrics & scary geometrics.
I'm really enjoying the good ones right now...
like this adorable burlap and fabric bag by
over on Etsy.
these really fun little handcarved stamps via
on Etsy as well.
I would even like to wear
this great leather chevron bracelet by
also on Etsy.

How do you feel about the whole geometric movement?
Do you like it?
Too Mod?
Just curious....I think we can all have a little fun with a punch or two of
in our lives.
Of all the "math" classes I ever took....Geometry was my absolute favorite.
I could wrap my brain around the shapes and spaces...much better than Algebra
 (which I have yet to ever use in my adult life! I'm just sayin' ;)
I'll sign off with a bit of geometric lovin'....
on Etsy...just in case you feel you need a little
Geometry in your life.


  1. Geometric can be absolutely beautiful!...but to much of it makes me nervous ;-)
    I need a bit of chaos in my life sometimes...
    And i think it's interesting how some geometric figures just flow into eachother and seem like to go on for ever. and ever.

    I do like the plate on the first pic and the paperset on the last pic a lot!

    xxhave a nice weekend.

  2. Oh I love it! Adore your little platter too... I have a green one almost identical...I find these are now jumping out at me whenever I go to the second hand shop.
    Love to you...hope you have yourself all packed up again to go have some fun in the sun. xoxoxo


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