Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pops of Pink are EVERYWHERE!

Well I've been one busy girl today.
Yes I've been uploading a fair amount of stock to my Etsy shops
Today I'm showing you a few of the pink items uploaded to Ollie Bollen.
Have you been noticing all the POPS of pink.....especially
that have been invading the web lately???

 Whoo Hoo!!
 I'm super excited about it!
 Don't get me pink is not my favorite color, but I do love me a little pop of it from time to time....especially against that white white like the napkin rings I just uploaded.
 I'm also happy to see pink resurfacing with mustards, golds, and browns.
 It seems there is a very Japanese and also Dutch influence on all designs featuring pinks.
 I'm so down with that!
They are two of my fave nationalities for design influences.
Make sure you are keeping your eyes on....
for all the exciting things in PINK that are surfacing now....
 ....there are little pops of pink to be had everwhere.
From sophisticated modern art.... crafty little girls' projects.
Pink doesn't have to be everywhere....just a little dab will often do ya!
Have a very


  1. pink is such a great color!
    happy new year to you :)

  2. Love your sweet to visit right now...and who is not tickled for pink my friend! xoxoxo hugs


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