Friday, February 10, 2012


I don't know about you....but I find it very difficult to balance these three things:
Work, Rest & Play.
How about you?
I've been working full speed ahead since mid October....and it was just getting a little unbearable.
The real ringer was heading to Atlanta for market....what a tough week of decisions!
I was more than a little stressed out.
I was thrilled when we were gifted with a trip from my parents to
Cabo San Lucas
for their 49th Wedding Anniversary!
Yay mom and dad!!!
Congrats to you!
My sisters and their hubbys and all the grandkids were in attendance,
15 in all!
We truly unplugged and enjoyed ourselves.
What a blast.
Thanks so much Mom and rawk too!
now it's back to figuring out how to balance
Work, Rest & Play.....
I can tell you that I don't see alot of play in my immediate future, rest will be a little scarce as it is!
Gotta get caught up ya know.
Thankfully I love what I do!
Hope to be hanging out with you all again so many fun things up my sleeve right now....I just can't wait to share it all!
Missing you all, and hoping you are well?
Hasta Luego Chicas....

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