Monday, April 2, 2012

My Blissful Bathroom: A Sneaky Peaky

 Hi Everyone!
I've been cleaning up around the house this late winter and spring just waiting to share some of the lovely spots in my home with you...
without much ado....
here is a sneaky peaky at my bathroom.
(We only have one!)
 We moved into this house about oh.....a decade or so ago.
I was in love with this old fashioned vintage aqua color.
It was SO difficult to find!
I had to use an antique shelf found in a dusty old antique shop
to custom color match at the paint shop just to get the color!
you find these colors
Who knew?!?!
I still love the color to this day, and am glad we decided to go with it.
I especially love our original claw foot tub in blue.
It makes me feel like I'm soaking in the sea when I bathe.
(Which quite frankly isn't showers are simply faster!)
The tile floor was installed and grouted by us, as well as every other detail you see!
I even had my hubby cut a hole into my parents' hand-me-down buffet to fit our sink into!
We worked very hard to remodel what was once two tiny rooms so we could have a larger bathroom.
(Hey, if you're only going to have had better be big!)
 I like collecting vintage and new apothecary jars to store regular old stuff.
It makes simple turn into extravagant.
Don't you love my little laundry chute in the background? It was original to the home, which is a 1913 Craftsman.
 I also enjoy using vintage pieces in my bathroom.
I scored this little desk for cheapers at an auction years ago, and the antique chair was found on a road trip to Portland with my sisters and mom.
(We actually had to strap things to the top of the car, which happened to be
an extra large station wagon!)
I'm also a sucker for display....I think ordinary spaces can be beautiful by tweaking things just a bit.
Slowly, I've been collecting old shaving mirrors over the years.
I'm sure you've also noticed that I've been collecting vintage beach themed oil paintings...
they just make the room...don't you think?
I hope you've enjoyed this little sneak peak of my bathroom.
It's nothing fabulous....but we like it.
Even if it was SUPER budget still feels like heavenly bliss to me
after a long day at work, to come home to a hot shower & soothing "beach side" views.
what have you been working on in your homes recently?
I love to see what you've been up to...feel free to give me some linky lovin' in your comment if you'd like to share.
Well, I'm off to do my tax appointment (whoo-hoo!) but I'll be back again soon with more...
Have a great Easter week everyone!


  1. Wow, your bathroom is gorgeous! Can I come over and take a bath?! ;)

    As of Jan, boyfriend & I have been working hard to overhaul our tiny 1-bedroom apartment so I can finally have a home office (i.e. a wall of our living room!), so we've completely reshuffled, purged, and freshened our entire place. Nothing like a jump start on Spring cleaning!

  2. OMG, your bathroom is indeed blissful!!! Love it all Trisha! :-)

  3. Oh, Trisha!

    That bathroom is gorgeous!
    It looks like such a welcoming space!

    I smiled so big when I saw the laundry shoot.
    Do you use it? (That may be a silly question, but sometimes people don't use the laundry shoots that they have in their homes.)

    The room makes me want to visit the sea even more.

    Great job!

  4. Anna, thanks so much! :) I SO want to finish my creative space...honestly it's a pit right now...but you've given me hope! It CAN be done!!! :) Will you be posting photos soon? I would love to see it! Have a lovely Easter Week!

  5. Thanks Marjan! You're sweet to say so...would still love a meet up someday...wishing life weren't so crazy...but would still love it! ;)

  6. Sarah, yes we use the chute all the time! It's so handy...and my little boys just LOVE IT! I'm waiting for the day that they use it to chute themselves to the basement laundry! ;) Happy Easter week to you!

  7. Simply - ahhhhhhhhhhhh! You have such a touch Trishie Poo!!

  8. I love the beadboard and the dusty aqua color and that painting and... everything! So pretty!

  9. Hi Trisha, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  10. Kelly, I'm so happy you liked it! Thanks so much for your lovely compliments....they truly mean more to me than you could ever imagine! :)

  11. Chris, how nice of you to stop by and say hello! I appreciate hearing from folks....and even better when they give me a little link love! :) So nice to meet you, and I'll be swinging by soon. Thanks so much for the sweet comments too!

  12. Hi Trisha,
    I skipped on over from House of Turquoise and just LOVE!!!! your bathroom. I think the art is my favourite part, oh yes and the tub and the cabinet, ok well all of it. Such wonderful personality.


    1. Thanks so much Sandra! Happy to have you stop by & say hello! ;)

  13. hi girl~
    the bathroom is stinkin' cute!
    you rocked it.
    now, when would be a good time for you to come re-do mine? :)
    i'll come into the store and see you soon!
    trac~ :)


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