Monday, May 14, 2012

Hoping Your Weekend Was Lovely....

 Hello + Hello!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend?
I surely did!
Our weekend was filled with sunshine and warmth!
I was able to do all sorts of wonderful things:
 from working at
playing with my boys;
working on my Etsy shops
attending a Mother's Day party.
I also  loved the Church service we had on Sunday morning which was totally inspiring, and also directed at moms.
Oh yes...I even got to go to a movie with my hubby and boys!
The best part of the whole weekend,
 was when my boys wandered two doors down to our widower neighbor's garage sale
with money from their own piggy banks
bought me two glass vases, which they then filled
(with the help of Dad)
with fresh flowers from the garden.
Ohhh they are such sweet little men.
I love being a mommy of boys!
Being the only woman in the house is often a challenge
...but usually it's pretty great!
what lovely things did you get to do this weekend?
I hope you were able to be in contact with your very own mom?
if your mom isn't a part of your life any longer...that you were able to find some fond memories of times spent together?
Speaking about moms...
In the past, my mom has had a great sense of humor. However, she's had a really tough couple of months lately with serious back injuries and surgeries. She's not getting around so well lately, and I feel badly for her.
My prayer for her is that she'll be able to walk etc....without pain or difficulty.
I also pray that she'll be able to regain a wonderfully positive outlook on life with a happy disposition filled with that great "happy-go-lucky" sense of humor that always made us laugh.
She deserves to have joy again in her life after all she's been through these past few months.
What you may not know about her is that she often took my boys while I was working, and that made it possible for me to get SO many things done!
Now that it's been difficult for her to get around and take the boys for me,
 I am juggling work with childcare which has been difficult to say the least.
( Thank heavens for my mother-in-law who's been a lifesaver at helping out here and there.)
I realize how wonderful it's been to have both moms around so they can help to raise these two beautiful boys we were blessed with.
I am SO thankful for them both, and pray that they will be able to live for many more years to watch these wonderful boys become healthy happy young men.
Boys need their moms and grandmas more than anyone might know....
because after all, we teach them how to treat women with respect, care & devotion.
Without moms,
where would any of us be?
I love my moms, and am proud to call myself one.
No mother is perfect...
but this mother is perfectly happy.
Wishing you a wonderful week filled with happiness!

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