Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Lovely Day for a Getaway

My hubby & I headed out with our two boys for a lovely evening after a relaxing day at home
this past 4th of July evening.
We decided to take in a fireworks show in Blaine, Washington,
just 15 minutes from where we live.
This monument is called
Peace Arch.
We are standing on the U.S. side looking north to Canada.
My two boys were impressed with the size of the arch!

Here is the very patriotic sign that greets you at America's very Northwest point of entry.

We had alot of fun wandering around Peace Arch Park....

...we were all very excited to see the fireworks....and even more excited to see SUN!!!

After we picked our "viewing spot" we had a little down time.
Here's Elliot having a good laugh.

Mr. Tristan as always....full of big smiles! handsome hubby Chad keepin' it real.

I settled in with my cozy blanky...and we waited...thankfully I had a few tricks up my sleeve.

.....light up toys! Lots of Star Wars battles ensued whilst we waited....
in the mean time, I was able to enjoy the sunset with my sweetie.

And suddenly it was time to celebrate with fireworks.
A great display of fireworks I might add.
Thanks Blaine for the wonderful memories,
Happy Birthday U.S.A.
Land that I Love!


  1. Fabulous pics Trish and what great weather we're (finally) having! :-)

    1. Thanks Marjan, isn't this weather lovely??? Hope you can enjoy yourself basking in the sun somewhere....

  2. What fun...we usually head there for the fw show but we were so busy this year. Sorry we missed it...what a sweet family you have my friend. ...Weekend hugs...and SUN!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Koralee, It's been awhile since I've gone to the Blaine fireworks...they are really good! I was also surprised to see how many Canucks ;) I saw leaving the park. It's sort of funny how all that divided us as we walked out of the park together was a tiny ditch...pretty funny border area there. I'm sure folks who aren't from around here would be a little shocked to see how simple the 49th parallel really is! ;)
      Hope you are enjoying the sunshine my friend!!!


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