Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Color Forecast.....2013

It's that time again!
the color experts...are forecasting for 2013.
I found the quote below from Pantone's Executive Director Leitrice Eiseman very interesting:

"In order to create the "magic" in the marketplace that ultimately leads to sales, colors for 2013 will need to coax and cajole, soothe or astonish, renew and replenish. At the same time, there will be the consumer’s expectation of practicality – which colors will have staying power and can be relied upon as a steadying influence in unsteady times. Skillfully balanced color palettes that play to their practical side, while satisfying their aspirations, hopes and needs for something novel, will remain key to enticing the would-be consumer or client."

I am a color addict....I'll admit it.
The quote above simply inspires me to research color even further.
Color was my absolute favorite subject (next to art history & antiquities)
when I was attending Art School to earn my
Interior Design Degree.
Color is simply something I would find difficult to live without.
How about you?
What do you think of Pantone and their forecasts and reviews?
I have to tell you...
they are certainly spot on so far if my visit to
World Market in Las Vegas is any insight into the matter.
were ruling the decor runway!
(Not to mention minky greige.)

If you'd like to see a very comprehensive blog post about the 2013 forecast,
make sure you stop by this blog post at
I was most impressed by the sheer amount of photos that represent
each and every one of the color groups!

& SO......

I'd love to hear your opinion on colors and trends.... you pay attention to them?
Are you tempted by trend?
do you throw this stuff into the garbage and just do what you love?
I find it all very interesting....can't wait to hear your take on this!


  1. I'm kind of over the trend thing myself!! I'm staying with the simple, neutral, creamy white and browns and adding little pops of color when I feel the need. I like using texture and vintage, and prefer simple and cozy to hip and exciting!! The bright colors grab me, but deep down they just aren't for me!!!
    Call me kids do!

    1. Hey Holly I hear you....and no...I don't think you're boring. :) I love a neutral backdrop...but can't help adding big dollops of color to mix it up. I've been loving the trends lately, the hot colors right now are right up my alley! I'm not a fan of red of really any kind except a smidge at I was EXTREMELY happy to see that whole brick red thing die! I'm good with a white/cream colorway, but I'm growing increasingly tired of brown (I've had it for SOOOOOOOO Looooooong now) so I'm wanting to add some grey instead. Isn't it funny how we are all so different? I guess that's what keeps it all so interesting!!
      Thanks for stopping by my friend!

    2. Too funny! I still can't let go of my red!!! But now I love it with yellow, and just a smidge of red...need to get rid of the red walls! I know I'll get tired of the brown too, but not yet!! I just bought all this awesome gray and yellow bedding for a bedroom, but I'm taking it back...just can't make the switch! I'm too cohesive I guess. I can go different colors, but they all have to go with everything else in my house! FREAK!!! I admit it!
      Let me know if you want help sorting and's my fav!!


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