Friday, September 7, 2012

Vintage Style Covered Button Hair Tie DIY

Hello + Hello!
Do you have little girls? Grandaughters?
If so...
I think you'd like to make these sweet little hair ties for them!
(They make adorable Stocking Stuffers, Easter Egg Stuffers, or Party Favors!)
 This craft couldn't be any easier.
The hardest part is deciding which fabrics to use!
I like to use vintage lace/fabric whenever possible as I have so many
lovely little scraps from my shops on Etsy:
***Before I begin, I just want to state that this tutorial assumes you've covered a self covering button before. If not, rest assured when you purchase self covering buttons at your local craft supply store, you'll probably find detailed instructions in the package...along with the little plastic tools you'll need to cover the buttons with.***
That being said...
 Basically you need 3 supplies and a few handy tools.
1. Hair bands.
2. Fabric/Lace or both.
3. Self covering buttons & button tool (2 pieces, generally comes in package).
1. Scissors.
2. Hammer.
How To:
1. Layer lace over right side of fabric.
2. Lay face down on rubber button tool; insert metal button.
3. Cut fabric/lace in a circle around the button tool,
 leaving enough overhang to tuck into hollow part of button.
4. Add button back and push in (if possible) with your fingers, otherwise...
5. Set second part of button tool onto button back
 & use the hammer to tap firmly into place.
6. Loop hair tie through the hole in back of button
 and loop through itself again causing it to slip knot.
It's pretty simple!
I'll be bringing these button ties into my shop
soon as sadly there are no little girls in my home to share them with.
I find joy in watching mamas pick them out with their daughters for birthday presesnts
and the like.
I've toyed with making something similar for my boys...but in the form of a rubber band style launcher.
We'll see if I ever venture to make that a reality?!?!
The buttons are very fun to make,
I hope you don't become addicted on my part!
Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.
Cheerio my friends!

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