Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Farm That I Grew Up On...A Christmas Tree Farm!

 Hello + Hello!
How are you all?
I hope you are well and enjoying the first fruits of the
Christmas Season?
I know I am!
My hubby and my two boys and I took a tiny trip just down the road to my folks' house the other day to pick out and cut down our
Family Christmas Tree!!!
You may or may not know that I grew up in a
rather odd situation...
not my whole growing up process...but from junior high through college...
I lived in a lovely VictorianBed & Breakfast ran by my mom and dad.
(you can't see the house in these photos, but this is the barn fully restored there)
I also
worked at my dad's Christmas tree farm which is technically located up in the hills
nearby..but was always surrounded by trees on our home property as well.
My dad farms Noble firs right here at his home property in
Lynden, Washington
is precisely why we went over the river and through the woods to pick out our tree at
"Grandpa & Grandma's Farm"
We got loaded up into the family Suburban and headed over to
find the perfect
Noble Fir.
The boys were super excited to pick out a tree worthy of my vintage decorations!

 Thankfully the weather was fairly clear and pretty dry for this time of the year...
 ...there are big trees and little ones in this part of the field.
My dad farms so many types of trees it's hard to keep track!
Nobles, Grands, Frasiers, Nordmans, Canaans, Douglas.....oh I could go on.....but essentially he  farms a hundred + acres all over this county!
He sells his trees wholesale to places like Ikea and other smaller vendors too.
my favorite part is the U-Cut he has called
where little ones can come and see where real trees come from!
Cocoa, dohnuts & a warm fire meet you at the door to the historic barn up there.
(my dad has a thing for old barns, I'm sure you can tell by the beauty shown here in this post with the pretty awesome mural of his favorite style of tractor!)
Up in the hills at
Alpine Meadows
you get to wander the woods in search of the perfect tree!
Gosh it's pretty there!!
I digress.
We were able to find the perfect Noble Fir (I wasn't worried)
 to show off all my vintage ornaments.
My trusty hubby cut it down and loaded it onto the
Suburban, while Elliot looked on in wonder and excitement!
 We appreciate a good tree when we see one as we know how much work truly goes into farming the prettiest Christmas Trees around!
Tristan was pretty excited too!
(see below)

What can we say....
we are a family who loves
Christmas Season!
How about you?
Real or fake?
There's no wrong answer...but I know I love that
scent you simply can't duplicate from a

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