Monday, December 3, 2012

Spreading JOY from a Pizza Box: DIY & Linky Party!

Hello + Hello
How are you this fine Christmas-tide?
I'm having such a lovely holiday season so far...I hope you are too!
My little boys and I have been all over the place in this house doing all sorts of wonderful things with our Christmas Decor.
one of the things I had inteded to do this season was to purchase a huge
sign from my own shop
before I knew it the signs were all gone.
(That happens more often than not for me! Oh well, you snooze you lose.)
we improvised instead!
This was probably meant to be anyway as it turned out to be a really fun time for
the two boys and myself.
First we found a few frozen pizza boxes in our recycle bin.
Then we went to work
"making a little (er...or....a big) JOY!"
 After finding the boxes and ripping them open, we (2) traced out some large letters. Then (3) cut them out. Next (4) we painted the letters with white Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. From there (5) we punched holes in the tops of the letters & (6) coated the letters with Matte Mod Pod and mica glitter flakes. Last (7) we strung the letters onto ribbon and hung on our 1898 Eastern Hemisphere Antique pull down school map.
It was so much fun!
After the sign was hung we went to work placing our ever growing collection of globes around the bottom of the map on our antique Scottish buffet.
 Of course, we needed to use up some of my collection of
vintage and antique ornaments in the display.... perfect they mirrored the look of the round globes!
 It was fun to continue on to the bookshelf that holds our random collection of whatnots.
 I flipped my (normally wallpapered) star around and gave it the
royal treatment with mica glitter as well!
Each and every nook and cranny has been filled with
Christmas Cheer.
what about you?
What fun things have you been up to this season?
Are you all decorated?
Or....not so much?
I'd love to hear from you!
something exciting is happening here today with a bunch of wonderful people
 who I so fondly
refer to as
Inspirational Folks!
All of us
contributors have started linking up to eachother's blogs so that you can
peek in and enjoy what we're up to this
Merriest of Seasons!
I hope you'll get the chance to head over to
to see what all these lovely folks are up to all over the globe at Christmas time.
Cheers to each and everyone of you....
happiest of decorating!


  1. So lovely! I love love all of your maps and well as the trees and yarn wreath. Really enjoyed linking up through the link party and visiting your beautiful blog!! :) Laura (redribbonfoxknits)

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by.. From the looks of things you've been busy!! My shiny brites haven't
    made their way into my living room yet. You're way ahead of me. I'm glad I can now see the blog
    behind the creator. It really shows how much you like what you do :) Thanks for sharing your
    creativity. Love the vintage!
    I hope you'll stop by again,
    Have a great week,
    xxx Liz

  3. Trisha~everything looks so festive! All my favorite colors, too! The JOY banner is darling. I love your maps and globes. I have vintage aqua bottles on the mantle with vintage ornaments on top with bottle brush trees and burlap stockings. :) Where oh where did you get the mercury glass picks?! I'll bet you've collected them over time. I have aqua, tans and creams in our living room and red, white and black in the kitchen.

  4. Hi my friend...I am loving your colours this year...almost like mine...lots of gold and turquoise and a touch of hot pink and dark green glass everywhere. I will take some photos once my tree is up this weekend. Hugs to you. I am loving your table top display! Happy dance and joy all rolled into one. xo

  5. Hi Trisha,

    Everything things so wonderful and inviting! A fantastic way to recycle a pizza box. I like your non-traditional color scheme.


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