Thursday, January 31, 2013

Everything Goes With Ice Cream....RIGHT?

Hello + Hello!
I am SUPER DUPER excited to announce
yet another great book slated to come out soon!
The talented
Koralee Teichrob
has more than out done herself!
is an adorable book about well...
ice cream.
that's not all my friends!
There are also many...many...many
more things than that!
Of course there's crafty party ideas, gifty goodies & even seasonal
ways to make ice cream a priority in your life everyday.
(Hey, who doesn't want that???)
make sure you head directly over
(Where Women Create Press Shoppe)
to see an extended preview
of this
sweet book.
I also highly encourage you to make sure you
for a daily slice of
Post Script
Koralee is a valued friend of mine...and will soon become one of yours too.
She has a lovely soul, and you simply cannot resist
her genuine thoughtfulness.
One huge, and I mean HUGE indicator that Koralee is such a wonderful person is this:
When I met Jo Packham of Where Women Create/Cook
at market a few weeks ago,
(top left photo)
I mentioned Koralee's name and her face lit up like a
"OH! Koralee's got a great new book coming out in early Spring, did you know?!?!?!"
is what I got from her
"I'm SO excited!!"
she said.
What does this mean?
I take it to mean this:
If there is one recommendation that you'll take from Jo (and of course me :)
it's this:
the first minute you can....
'nuff said.


  1. I absolutely going to give her book for gifts this sweet of you to promote her book.
    We have become friends as well..maybe the three of us could meet this summer when I come down to visit her?
    Have a happy weekend❤

    1. Ohhhh that sounds like lots of fun!! I would look forward to that :) Thanks for stopping by my friend!

  2. i can't wait to see her book! her blog is always so cheerful, as is koralee~ and such lovely photos too :)


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