Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lemony Goodness For A Sunny Disposition

 Hello + Hello!
Just wanted to stop in and see what sort of things you've been up to...
I've been keeping more than a little busy at the shop working with all
 the orders we placed at market last week.
We have so many lovely items on their way to
We are very much looking forward to
displaying the items throughout the shop for our customers to snatch up.
With all that color on the way to the shop;
I can feel a tiny breeze of Spring in the air....
can you?
it was feeling a tiny bit dreary today,
I decided to try a little something different in my afternoon tea....
Lemon Curd; Mmmmmmm......

 I've decided that tea with milk + honey is a staple for me
every afternoon
(as strong Starbucks coffee is my ultimate favorite for mornings)
I try to switch it up with my teas....but one thing is for MUST have caffeine!
 It has occured to me that it is odd to drink
Double Irish Breakfast Black Tea
in the afternoon...
but nonetheless,
I'm satisfied by the kick it gives me.
Recently I purchased some delicious lemon curd
(found in most grocery stores near the jam/jelly isle)
It is really delicious on toast etc...
but it occured to me that since I sometimes like honey and lemon in my tea,
why not substitute alltogether
with the deadly
Lemon Curd?
 Sometimes blogging about the little things makes me happy.
I bet if you like the flavor of lemon and honey in your tea,
you'd like to give this a go.
Tart +Sweet

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  1. Yummmm...i am sooo a black strong tea drinker...would of never in a million years thought of adding lemon curd to my tea...why not I say? Thanks for the tea tip.
    You will have to run into Davids tea if you are ever up in our Abbotsford mall....they have the best teas ever! xoxox Pretty images...happy new week to you.


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