Friday, February 22, 2013

Grandiflora Style: A View Into My Brick & Mortar Shop

Hello + Hello!
Just wanted to pop by and
put a plug in for our shop
 here in our sweet town of
which is located just 5 miles South of the
Aldergrove border crossing
( British Columbia, Canada )
only about 15 miles inland from 
Pacific Coast.
Feel free to head on over to the
to find out more about what we do and sell there.
This is just a fun flyer I worked up for some of the new releases that
we have out in the shop right now.
If you're local please pop by for a breath of fresh air
a treat yourself to a cute product for you or your home.
(We have super cute scarves & jewelry too!)
Make sure you say
if you're visiting ok?

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