Monday, February 4, 2013

Love Jolt: Neon Washi

 Hello + Hello!
I wanted to share a little love jolt with you today....
neon pink washi tape.
I admit to a little bit of
Valentine's Day
goin' on right here in our little living room.
I've been waivering with painting my walls white for some time now...
frankly I've been feeling a bit too exhausted to do it lately ...
but maybe sometime soon?
Until then, I keep trying out new and wild ideas.
As many of you know, I've had this fun clustering of
embroidery hoops with different fabrics off and on for more than a few years now.
It's called a swatch wall.
I've changed out colors & added some doo-dahs,
but recently I got my hands on some
neon pink washi tape!!
It was more than a little fun going hog wild with it!!
 I'll be the first person to admit that many of my friends and aquaintances online
have inspired me...and my wishi-washi swatch wall.
to name a few.
I am always so thankful that these lovely ladies are willing to share their
gifts and talents to inspire the rest of us!

 I thought it would be fun to inject a little love into the picture
for this
Valentine's Day Season!
 Armed with more ideas than time,
I started having all sorts of fun with tape, paper, yarn & scissors.
It was jolly good fun!
(sorry been watching a bit too much Downton Abby lately I guess)
Hopefully this will inspire you to
get your hands busy and crafty with simple little things like
tape, paper, yarn & scissors.
It doesn't take much really.
About an hour and you'll have your windows full of red hearts...
or your kitchen cabinets posted with love quotes.
it's fun to decorate for holidays isn't it?
I think this neon washi tape is what's gotten me through some of these
dreary rainy days of winter lately.
Give it a go...I DARE you!
Ha ha ha!
Let me know what you turn up with ok?
I look forward to your comments sooooo much!
Have a lovely week my friends,


  1. Trisha, everything looks so darling and colorful! I am so crazy about your embroidery hoops. The pink washi is the perfect touch, too. You're right about Western WA sunshine, but I see it up in the sky shining over Arlington. Hope it heads your way!! ☀

    1. Oh thanks so much Wendy! I see something bright down South...please send it my way...I'm craving some vitamin D! LOL!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my friend, cheers! T.xx


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