Thursday, March 21, 2013

The 32 Things I've Been Doing Since We Last Spoke

 Hello + Hello!
How have you all been lately?
Long time no speak...
yeah, I bad.
Quite honestly I needed a little break from the internet/blogging,
but...just for a bit.
I guess I should've given a warning...but you just didn't happen.
was a bunch of stuff!
Whew...have I been a busy little bee.
In addition to my normal everyday job at
this is what I've been up to while not
mothering...or wifey-ing
(is that a word?)
Ha ha ha!
>>>>>---------------> goes:
Above you'll see that I painted a dresser for my son's room.
I also did a bit of fun painting for Etsy & Grandiflora items.
Next, I ripped up a neat old butterfly book and went a little
crazy with the gold and white washi tape!
I love how it turned out!
Then I started on some projects I can't reveal least not fully.
Isn't blanket stitching just the most relaxing thing?
I tried my hand at making a grocery tote from vintage sheeting....
it was actually going quite well
( I don't don't like to sew...not enough patience.)
until the machine decided to be stupid and I almost
threw it through a window!
(Well not really....but I thought it sounded like a good idea at the time.)
Needless to say,
I may be calling up one of my seamstress friends to finish it for me?
 I feel that I've been surrounded by books and magazines lately as well.
Truly I've not had the chance to really enjoy all of these lookers yet...
but everyday I savor a page or two!
I have been out picking and thrifting for finds lately.
Most of them go to one of my Etsy shops....but a few I either keep,
or send into Grandiflora.
I love shipping out orders from Etsy
washing and caring for the sweet vintage items.
A couple of other things I've been up to in my silly life are:
taking care of the t-shirt ninjas that seem to have invaded my life...
they demand fresh Asian food...mainly Spring Rolls.
I roll my eyes every time they get their swords out!
Our Chickens seem to have forgotten what a nesting box is....
or maybe they are practicing for Easter?
more photography for Etsy of this lovely vintage wallpaper.
Found a funny old photo strip pic of
hubby and I in 1992!
( Buah ha ha!)
Another chair that needs a little help...son picked it out for me.
(Frankly was pretty impressed with his selection!)
And....last but not least,
the new glasses arrived.
It's been mostly rainy it seems all I've been up to is
using the front of my shirt as a windshield wiper.
But there was a day or two when I was able to pull out the
new prescription sunglasses!
Whoo hooo!
I hope you're all enjoying your early Spring?
that you're going to have an excellent weekend!
I hope to see you back again sooner rather than later...
but here is to a much needed break.
Cheers my friends!


  1. You have been busy! Your boys crack me up in their ninja clothes and eating spring rolls! Love the butterfly pages on the wall and the painted dresser and wall.

  2. sounds like you've been very busy!
    happy spring to you :)


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