Sunday, April 7, 2013

Going Out On Another Limb: My New Instagram Instasale SHOP!

Hello + Hello!
so how are all you lovelies this fine new week?
I hope you are well?
I'm just dandy!
It's admittedly been quite some time since I've been here at the blog hasn't it?!
(hangs head in shame)
let me tell you, it's been an eventful few weeks!
I've been painting my living room and dining room...
working hard at Grandiflora...
playing hard with my hubby whilst grandpa & grandma had the two littles during spring break....
It's been pretty crazy around here!
Just in case you thought life couldn't get more dull for me,
I've decided to add just one more thing to the list:
Yes, I know...yet another thing.
However, in my defense...I can make this fun shop however much work as I want to.
That's the beauty of an instasale on Instagram.
1. Set up an Instagram account.
2. Take photos of said item/s liked by all your Instagram peers.
3. Set up a Pay Pal account.
4. Work it it!
I'm excited to see how it all turns out myself.
How about you?
Have you shopped from an Instagrammer's Instasale?
I'd love to hear about it!
For those of you who aren't quite sure what it is...well...
it's kinda like Etsy...but it's much less work for the lister,
which in turn makes the items cost a bit less.
(I think that's pretty great.)
All you need is an iphone or Android, an Instagram account & a PayPal account.
What could be easier?
I'll have to get busy on all those fun vintage, handcrafted & d├ęcor accessories filling my
storage areas first. There are more treasures than I can count just waiting to fill up that shop!
I hope you can come and join me over there.
Stay tuned for very first instasale coming soon!
(find the instashop at trishabrinkdesignshop HERE)


  1. Hiya! I think I'm one of the only folks in our li'l world who's yet to open an Instagram account, yep! Maybe...I'll finally check it out. : )

    Happy Spring!!!

    Julie M.

  2. ohh how wonderful...ur newest follower on both


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