Monday, May 13, 2013

Ice Cream Social & Book Signing With A Cherry On Top

 Hello + Hello!
How's everyone doing?
I'm floating on a cloud of whipped cream dreams.....
ha ha ha!!!
this past week has been a whirlwind of fun partying galore for my family!
I very much enjoyed all of it...but must admit I'm a little bit exhausted from it today.
All the prep work and excitement of getting things ready for the lovely
was ABSOLUTELY worth it!
Koralee was kind enough to pop into our shop
to sign her new book
Everything Goes With Ice Cream!
You may already know I was blessed enough to be asked by
Koralee to be a contributor to her book along with many other wonderful folks.
It was "pure joy" to have Koralee in the shop with us the night of our
Mother's Day Sale & Ice Cream Social.
Many sweet folks stopped in and had her sign a copy of her book for them.
 Of course,
in true Grandiflora fashion,
we dressed up like old fashioned
Soda Jerks
to serve up the
goodness that only Grandiflora can offer!
We had a ton of fun together, and I'm so thankful for all our amazing employees
who are always so willing to go along with my hair brained ideas
for costumes to fit our functions!!!
( I love you girls!!!)
It was such a wonderful surprise to meet a new friend of
Koralee's named Carol.
(She also has a feature in the book: Ice Cream Snow Balls)
Carol is obviously very talented and has a very generous spirit just like wonder they are partners in
the sweet pursuit of ice cream crime!

 Did I mention we had a contest for our customers as well?
Oh yes we did!
All you had to do was come dressed as your favorite flavor of ice cream
(strawberry = pink, bubblegum = blue, etc...)
we were also giving away gift certificates to the most
creative costumes;
 ...wouldn't you agree these girls won?
Ha ha ha!!!
There were goodies galore & great buys to be had by everyone!
My sister and partner at Grandiflora (La Von)
deserves all the thanks...
If it weren't for her,
I'd never have wondered over to Koralee's blog
and fallen head over heels for her
sweet style.
Want to know what the
Cherry On Top Was?
Being able to chat with Koralee all night long!
"I'm so glad we met my friend;
here's to your continued success at
Where Women Cook
& with your lovely sweet book
Everything Goes With Ice Cream!"

**All images are credited to my talented niece Emily Visser. Thanks so much for taking photos, so I could have the night off from playing photographer and enjoy my company!**

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