Friday, December 20, 2013

It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter.....

 Hello + Hello!
" Oh it's a marshmallow world in the winter....take a walk with my favorite girl..."
My favorite girl happens to be:
She's my 11 year old
Fox Terrier.
(Also known as: Olive....the other reindeer.)
We had a nice little walk through the garden
this morning in the first snow we've had all year!
Gosh is was so pretty!
Olive becomes young again when it snows...
come to think of it,
so do I.
While the boys worked at building
(more on that another day)
Olive and I had a good time admiring little spots in the yard
that happened to catch our eyes....

It was awe inspiring, relaxing & joyous all rolled into one.
Hope you can get a little snow in your life this year...
I know I'm the better for it!


  1. hello, it's been awhile! your photos are lovely. The one with the water has 2 "snow angels" in it- a stick figure with the head at about 1 on a clock face and the other with a coat or long poncho with it's hand out like the in the song- stop in the name of love. Google has me as unknown ... I am not unknown! joyce

  2. Beautiful photos Trisha! Olive does look like she's having fun!


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