Monday, February 17, 2014

Clean & Simple Geometry in the Living Room

 Hello + Hello!
How are you my friends?
I hope you are well.
I've not had the chance to share a space in my home for awhile,
and so....
I thought you might enjoy seeing a whole other side of the
decorative person I am now.
Some of you remember the photo I had shared with you a few years ago
of my living room wall:
over a year ago, I decided to shift things around a bit in the room
by moving many of the multi colored items that once occupied the space.
Some items found homes in other areas of our house,
and frankly some of them found new homes
I was longing for a simpler style...
a less "occupied space".
So I painted the walls a refreshing cream and pale powdery blue.
Geometric triangular effects on the
television wall are meant to resemble
sound waves;
as the rest of the room is divided top and bottom
cream and blue.
It worked its magic on me,
I'm so happy now to have a less
space to come home to each night.
 As you can see however, I didn't get rid of
my quirky style...
....nor my funky color lovin' heart.
Isn't it wonderful how you can use all the same
elements in different doses...
for such amazingly
polar opposite looks/styles?
Well, I'm happy I did.
This past year has been a whirlwind to say the least;
so having a calm and relaxing space to call
worth every drip of paint rendered.
What lovely redecorating have you found yourself up to?
All images courtesy of Annetta Bosokova.


Hello + Hello
I can't wait to hear from you!!!