Sunday, July 19, 2009

OOodles & OOodles

Yes....we've been out picking ooooodles and ooooodles of berries! What a pleasure and a treat to drive a few miles and be on a farm within minutes picking away at bushes and vines laden with beautiful berries of many kinds. I am a Raspberry jam fanatic! I LOVE it with toast, vanilla yogurt and crushed graham crackers, and truly just about anything else; I even marinate things in it! So that being said...we picked over 20 pounds of rasberries, the most picked for the day according to the gal doing the weighing! My sons LOVE Blueberries to munch on, so we went to my dad's Blueberry Farm and picked to our hearts content (for free!!!) and grossed more than 30 pounds (some of which went to my folks). We will make Blueberry/Raspberry Jam, crepes (hubby's specialty), smoothies, and much more! I love having Almond/Blueberry Coffee Cake in the fall, all warm and yummy drizzled with cream cheese frosting.....ARRGHHH!!! Why do I do this to myself!!! Anyway....what I like most about berries you ask? The memories....time spent with my family, stained fingers and faces, and God's bounty out in the fields....what more could you want?

MMmmmmm....crepes with fresh blueberries, cream cheese filling, and whipped cream on that's a Saturday morning treat! Especially when your husband is doing the making!

B-b-b-blue, blueberries makes this little guy so happy.....they are his favorite treat to nibble on!

Hope you've enjoyed this little gastronomical's not too late, you can get out there and do a bit of picking yourself. There is nothing quite like eating fresh berries under the sun in a field filled with birdies chirping sweetly. My little ones are pleased as peaches with themselves whenever we eat jam on toast "We picked these berries ourselves mommy!" is what they say. Speaking of peaches.....hmmmmmm.....maybe a trip to the farmstand is in my near future....not sure I have time to jaunt on over to Eastern Washington to pick those....but you never know! :)

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