Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Garden Inspires....

Hi there! I have many happy friends in my garden I want you to meet. This sassy lady is just visiting the garden for the year...not like my other perennial friends, so I thought I should introduce you to her. She is such a flirt! I caught her waving at the poppies a few weeks ago....and she even seems to reach out and goose the Yew from time to time! I'm keeping my eye on her...

Apparently, Olive the Wonderdog will be starring in her own feature photoshoot soon....only if we can get her to stay still long enough!

This happy crowd of folks (below) is waiting for the show that happens in the swimming pool every day around 2/3 in the afternoon. If they are lucky they won't get blasted by waves of splashing water. Performing daily, Sir Tristan and Prince Elliot wow the crowds with death defying acts of water acrobatics....almost like Circ du Soleil!

This happy chica just shines in the sunlight; I'm surprised to see her this perky at such an early morning hour!

This guys' just hanging out waitin' for the sun to come round; he has a lusty musk scent too intoxicating for mear day...he loves to let loose at night. His velvety purpleness lurks in the shadows of my garden.

A little foxy lady found staring at herself in the pond's reflection...just a note, these are my absolute favorite flowers!

So as you can see, I've been doing a little playin' lately....some well deserved time least I think so! I went outside early and captured some wonderful shots with the old Cannon s2is. I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer Cannon...but one must find a way to afford such things. I guess it's back to the craft table for me! But first I must do the dreaded chores that come with managing a household and garden full of such is all worth it, for we party hearty in the Garden with the flowers. They are great to hang around with...such colorful characters...and they don't talk back....ever! Hope you can get out and enjoy a bit of gardeness today too! Cheers!!!

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  1. Such an adorable post, and your boys are so cute. They have gotten so big, but I know everyone says that (Everyone says it about my kids too). I'm glad your enjoying your summer.


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