Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Dilinquent Blogger RETURNS!!!"

I've been a busy little bee this last little while....making up all kinds of wonderful little treats and treasures. Sorry I haven't been posting much. Hopefully here are a few little tidbits to get me by for a few days.....Enjoy!
O.K. So here are a few things I've either recently listed or sold on till you see the fun little doo-dads that I'll be bringing into the store (Grandiflora) soon....I hope you will like them, I'll try to get good photos posted soon! My problem seems to be that I spend all my time creating stuff, and I forget to do the before, during and after photo shoots....I'll try to work on this I promise!!! :o)

Oh my goodness, this has been one of those times in life where you just throw your hands up in the air and go "HAGHHHH!" Life has been more than just a little bit CRAZY lately. If I can only get things to calm down just a smidgen then I will be back on this blog much, much more often!!! It is my goal....but we'll see.....bear with me, I really do mean well! ;o)

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