Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why I drive a Suburban....

This was one fun day! We loaded up the Chevy Suburban and went for a picnic to Birch Bay State Park IN THE POURING RAIN!!! Yes it was blustery, yes it was cold, yes we got a little bit wet....but boy oh boy did we have a ton of fun!!! The key to having a good day was rolling out the fun retro quilt in the back of the suburban (minus the third seat) and packing the right food. We went with cheese sandwiches, home made chicken noodle soup, Honeycrisp apples, and assorted leftover Halloween candy for dessert! After we devoured our lunches we went beach combing...we picked up some cool shells, driftwood for kids crafts, and most of all garbage from a previous storm. We saved the environment from many beer cans and found some really great sea glass....even the coveted cobalt!!! Whoo-hoo!!! The best part of all was that I could have a fun day with my boys Tristan and Elliot doing something that most sane mothers would never think to do....have a picnic in the back of their sports utility vehicle. We have them alot's so much fun! This is why I drive a Suburban...not to mention I use it alot for work! After I was able to do what I came for ( taking beauty shots, which I will list another time...) we wrapped up the day with a peppermint mocha and hot cocoas from local coffee craze Woods Coffee. We had a blast, and I think we will be back again for another time maybe we can try it in the snow?!?! Hmmmmmmmm.................

Let me know if you've ever done something kookey like this....I'd love to hear your story for inspiration on a future trip! :o)
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  1. You are SUCH a good mommy! Keep making memories with those precious boys!


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