Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Card Pointers...from a glitter addict!

Yesterday I acutally had a moment of time to myself! This RARELY happens! I have recently found myself a part time single mother, as my husband is working out on San Juan Island during the week with a bunch of guys on a very large project. He is able to come home on the weekends...but then he works on Saturdays for my dad who owns a Christmas tree farm...and things are getting busy up there now!!! you can go and see photos of my hubby, my little boys, and myself picking out a tree. My dads trees are fabulous!!! I recommend the Frasier Fir, the Noble Fir, or the Nordman Fir. All are a bit spacier for hanging ornaments, strong enough for heavy ornaments, and the Frasier and Noble smell heavenly!!! But, I digress.....maybe I'll have to post a commentary on the art of farming and picking out a Christmas tree at a u-cut tree farm....hummmmm I'll have to stew on that one for a bit....

Anyway....what does one do with a few hours of getaway time? One goes to Barnes and Noble, and Michaels of course! If I didn't already own and spend days of my life at Grandiflora...well, of course I'd go there instead!!! Duh!!!!! At least we serve free hot cocoa, have fab music, and package for free! Which is more than I can say for Michaels and Barnes and Noble....but hey, what does one expect from big box stores?!?!!

I found two fabulous books/mags to buy....and a ton of fun new tools/paper/etc....for making my Christmas cards this year. Now, I've kinda set a bar for myself that I have to jump over....I make about 65-75 Christmas cards a year....first I have to pick a photo for inspiration...then design a card around it. This usually consists of spending a few hours....literally....looking at my options for papers etc. Then I spend a few hours sitting down designing the perfect look. I am ususally really in the mood to do this about mid I've gotten smart about buying all my supplies ahead of time so that when the mood strikes, I'm ready to go! This year should be a surprise to most of you....I'm going a really different route than I have in the past. I have a little crowd of folks who look forward to getting the wild cards I tend to make....they most assuredly think I'm insane for spending so much time on crafting such little works of art.

I find that making Christmas cards is a way for me to kick off the much anticipated season. I love to find Christmas cards in my mailbox, and in my church box, and my file at work! Even the simple cards are fun to get, I personally love the handmade types, and pictures of folks are always welcome. We have a tradition of posting the cards on a huge beam that divides our living room from our dining room. It's so fun to see what folks will send, and how many we will get! I always feel so blessed to have such a great group of family and friends who think of us at this time of the year and take a moment out of their crazy schedules to send a little note of Holiday Cheer. For all of you who send me cards, I thank you! It really makes my season more than anything else ever could. Jesus is the reason for the season.....and it makes my day to know that so many others feel the same way by reaching out and touching my life with words of Joy, Peace, and Christmas Cheer!

Now, here are my pointers for Holiday Card Giving:

1. Do them early so folks can enjoy them through the Christmas season.

2. Who cares if you hand deliver them...stamps are over rated! (and expensive!)

3. Presentation is everything....decorate the envelope people!!!!

4. Pictures are great, they don't have to be taken at Christmas or in front of a tree. Get creative!

5. Go ahead and write the proverbial letter, just make it short and sweet.

6. Not in the mood to make them yourself? The cutest picture cards are at

7. Recycle cards from last year to make new ones on the cheap!

8. Keep last years cards to know who sent them to you and return the gesture!

9. Save a few cards for each child as documentation of what you did when they were little.

10. Have fun!!! Be yourself, and add a little glitter! Sparkles always get a smile when shared! :o)

If you just toss the cards in a basket when you get are severely missing the point here....come in to Grandiflora and see all the fun card holders we have for good $$! I espcially love the long curly cue ones we've got in now...they will hold a ton of cards really cutely! Enjoy your cards people, they are well wishes from treasured friends and never know who might not be able to send a card next year...this life is not permanent. Relish those who are close to you (your Grandma), and those you respect (your boss), those you never get a chance to see anymore ( college roomate) and even send a seductive one ( your spouse!!!) Personal cards mean more to folks than you can even imagine on a hard day...just think about how you feel when you open the mailbox and see something handwritten just for you....thrilling huh? Now I charge/dare you to go out there and do this for others!!!!

Happy Card Giving~~~~Let me know what you think on this one folks~~~~~I can't wait to hear back from you all on this! Cheers!
Trish ;o)

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  1. OH - the guilt!! I had just decided I wasn't going to spend the money on cards this year!!:-{


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