Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photos that Launched a Thousand Views

It has truly been a wild ride for me the last two weeks. In the midst of doing inventory at Grandiflora and going on buying trips, I've spent a little time uploading photos in my downtime on Flickr. Well....this has turned out to be a bit more "involved" than I ever thought it would be! Amazingly enough, after I joined one of my favorite blogger's ( Holly over at Decor8-see link to the left) photo styling group, she picked one of my photos to post on her blog!!! I was flabber ghasted to say the very least! Well, needless to say....things have been happening. I've got many new possibilities opening up that I'm not at liberty to discuss....yet....but it should be interesting to see where this all goes! Well, I'll leave you with these photos of my home for now...and if you desperately need to see more then you can go to my flickr site (see link to the left) and find more photos of me, my home, my crafts on, and even my family. I am living on cloud nine here folks. I would like to say a major thank-you to Holly over at decor8...thanks so much for supporting folks like myself with your generous promoting! Well, the sky is the limit here....I would like to thank my Heavenly Father for the talents and gifts He has given me to come this far...and I would add that I am praying for guidance as to how to use my talents to His glory.
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  1. Just don't forget us little people in your life along the way :-)............and our trip to France!!!! So excited for you - you go girl!


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