Thursday, January 28, 2010

Armchair travelling...avoiding the taxes!

Am I the only person who procrastinates??? I HATE doing my taxes....yet it's a neccessary evil one must do right? Well, I've been going over all my paperwork "piles" including receipts, mileage logged, and paint swatches that have mixed their way in from Mrs. Whatshername's residence...hmmm...wonder if she ever actually painted that wall Puce???......sorry, I digress.  Anyway, I've found myself once again having to take a little creative break from the numbers and travel to my imaginary getaway. It would most assuredly be a place filled with the sound of birds chirping, water trickling, and little girls's giggles from far off away. I would be sipping something lovely with fruit juice infusions. My head would be resting on something soft and I'd most assuredly be laying under a tree of some sorts whose leaves would be fluttering in a tiny breeze causing sunlight to filter onto the ground around me. I would have no worries, only bliss. The scent of pineapple and sweetpeas would waft by causing me to smile and wonder if there was anyone else on this earth as blessed as I was to be enjoying Creation in such a beautiful way....

Well, it was a tiny reprieve....but well worth it. I wonder if I can just slap one of these little guys on my forhead and head to the nearest Fed Ex or UPS dropoff and beg for mercy?!?!? If only. :o)

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