Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photo Styling for Grandiflora

Well, I thought I'd show you what I've been up to lately on behalf of Grandiflora Home and Garden. I am starting to style product via photos which will go on the store blog. We have had a blog at the store for almost a year now, and Janice our office manager has been kind enough to help us get up and running ( Yay Janice!!! :o) I however have been practicing quite alot lately at capturing things via camera....and am going to try my hand at photo styling for the blog. La Von (my sister and partner) said she doesn't know why I havent' been doing this all's a natural fit for me I'm an interior designer....and I love photography. I am having a blast doing it! Janice will still write the blog as only she can do...folks love to read about her/our adventures at please go check it out over there at you will see lots of wonderful times spent buying at market, doing displays, and even company parties we've had. These photos are just a tiny glimpse of what will be in store for the Grandiflora Blog. We hope to do so much more with this awesome tool that we've come to rely on so much. Thanks to all of you who like to come and check it out once in awhile!
Oooohhhh.....I had to show you one of my favorite new items found at market. This hand felted flower made by a single mother suffering from past abuse in the Far East was not only like a piece of candy for my lapel....but I felt good buying it too! We will have these in lots of colors and sizes at Grandiflora soon...go check it out for those of you who are local. Thanks for stopping by to gaze a little.

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