Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color Coordinated Junking? Am I for real???

So....O.K. where do I begin on this one? Well, I was out celebrating my happy blessing of being featured on Etsy's blog this past Sunday....and well, I went junkin' ( that is not normal for a Sunday as I'm usually at home with my hubby and kids, but since it was a special day, I was playing for a change). As you can see above, I had a little luck. I'm sure you've noticed by now that I love to go junkin' and am often talking about some find or another that I scored. Well, I'm beginning to think I might have a little problem. I think it is possible that I'm even "styling" what junk I buy!!! This is not my actual cart, but I do tend to lay the cart out creatively as I shop. Sad, I know....people just kind of look at me with half cocked looks as I'm styling my shopping cart!
It all started with the colors in this album....aren't they lovely? You know I love the blue from the photos of my home....but I'm really partial to yellow too as it's one of my favorite colors (my home's exterior is yellow!).
So it progressed to these lovely old plastic retro sewing boxes....
....and then to this lovely old book from 1899. The little felt needle case could not be left behind. I'm so inspired by the tiny details it has! How cute!
Then I found these great books from the 50's with all those yummy colors again. I then added the retro 70's daisy sheet, a blue 50's tray, and some late 70's turquoise burlap.
Then I found this great piece of handpainted glass in yellow with the red, gold, and turquoise! Turned the corner and found the little pitcher! Crazy!
I mean, how sweet is this little vingette?
To top it off I found another blue sheet, and a blue USA dish. What a fun day! I found 95% of these items at a true junk store....and two of the items at an antique store right afterwards. Now, don't you think it's wierd how once I put it all together that it all just somehow goes? This happens to me all the time! I find myself doing this without even thinking about it. For the most part you're probably thinking that it's a great talent to have been gifted with. I'm here to tell you however that it gets me into more trouble than it blesses me. Sometimes I pass up perfectly wonderful finds just because it doesn't "go" with what I have in my cart! Other times I'll buy things that I don't need, just because it does go with what's in my cart!!! Yikes!
Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little junk excursion. What will I do with it all? Well, some will be put to good use as storage, some will be made into something crafty, others just sit around for inspiration, and a few things may even get sold either at Grandiflora or one of my etsy shops. Either way....it doesn't really matter, because the thrill of it all is really in the hunt!
Cheers ladies!
Trish :o)

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  1. Maybe we should have shopping carts at the store?!? ♥


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