Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tribute to Your Hunny. Challenge!

Well, I'm here to do a little tribute to the man I love; Chad. He is one of those guys who really gets down on the floor and plays with our kids. He can fix nearly anything; from broken Hot Wheels to small engines. He is VERY patient; need any Christmas lights untangled? And best of all, he puts up with me and my crazy hair brained ideas! He is not perfect, and I'll tell you what: for all the many annoying, bad, and even terrible things we have been through together....there have been even more sweet, good, and wonderful things we've experienced as a team. Yes TEAM. We are always trying to stay on the same "side" as eachother ( even though that is very difficult at times, not gonna lie! ). We've been "together" for 20 years this coming June...married for 15 of those years this coming December!!! Yikes! I can't believe it!
I just wanted to give a shout out to you all...This guy floats my boat. I couldn't get along very well without him. We have been through more together than you could EVER imagine (trust me on this one). He works so hard every day for me, and for our two boys. I am deeply endebted to him for all he does for me. He makes it so I can enjoy my life every day. I don't tell him often enough how much he means to me...could I ever? I love you hunny, and this one's for you! :o)

So... OK's your turn now! I wanna hear about your guys...c' proud! What's his name....give it up. Go on....just a little. Men love nothing more than to know you brag about them behind their backs...what better flattery than building someone up, when they're not even around? You could casually mention to him later how many wonderful comments you made about him to all your bloggin' buddies! If nothing else it will give you the chance to tell him how you really feel about him. Let's build up these men who work so hard for us, they really need to hear it. Let's be the big girls who stand up and shout " My hunny is awesome, and I Love Him!"
Cheers, and I know I've got you outta your comfort zone I was writing this post....but if you can't say it here....will you be able to tell him to his face? Consider this practice! :o)
Yours, Trish.

I'm waiting.....  tee hee hee! :o)


  1. My husband goes to a job each day that he hates. He really hates it. But he does it for me and our kids. He is the most talented man I have ever met, and most of the talents he puts to work making my life easier and more fun. I truly feel cherished and loved. He supports me in whatever I do and challenges me physically (I once hiked 221 miles at his side) and intellectually (he is an aerospace engineer and pilot). We celebrated 10 years of marriage last year, and I hope we get 50 more!

  2. Wow Rachael, 221? Amazing! You must REALLY love him! :o) I hope some sort of wonderful job opens up for all of his qualities and talents soon. Until's to 50 more years of marriage! Thanks for stopping by! :o)

  3. Who is that man in your wedding picture?!?! He has better hair than you!!! :-)


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