Thursday, February 25, 2010

Movie Night Library Time Again!

Ok people, I got a very good response from all of you Jane Austin movie fans out there last week with Pride and Prejudice. This week we are going to move in a different direction with The Illusionist. Have you seen it? Well, if not, here's the low down sure to get you to the rental store in a jiffy!
Rated PG-13 it is very clean in regards to today's standards. I will warn you however there are a few suspense scenes that will have your spine tingling! Nothing too scary, and deffinately NOT yucky in any way. I would like to focus on the elaborate beauty in this film... the landscapes are breathtaking and even sometimes erie. The interior scenes are unbelievably accurate ( hey I am an Interior Designer you know! ;) The Costumes are also very believable.
This film is described as "Mesmerizing" (Entertainment Weekly) and "Beautifully Acted" ( Good Morning America) But  most is a film that "teases you until the very end" ( The New York Times).

Jessica Biel is just fabulous in the movie playing an aristocratic heiress. Rufus Sewell is perfect as the ambitious Crown Prince Leopold. Paul Giamatti is GREAT as the fact I think he steals the show in many ways. It is Edward Norton however who is spellbinding as Eisenheim the Illusionist. I am a HUGE Edward Norton fan, and this is in my opinion one of his best roles yet.
If you've not seen this movie before, or have'nt seen it in awhile....well, the time is now people. It is the sort of movie you should watch on a dark and stormy night....and time is running out for those sorts of nights as Spring will soon be upon us. I think that you will find it so incredibly romantic....mind bending....and I GUARANTEE you will want to watch it again as soon as it's over....I'd almost make bets on it!
I hope you can find it at your local movie store, online, or by streaming it to your home. If you like a little magic in your life....this is the choice for movie night. In fact, I'm going to do a little magic trick myself right now: I'm going to make this little sundae dissappear! :o)
Hey, I want to hear your feedback on the movie by way of comments right something to add? Please do!

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