Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Wii bit of FUN!

This is it. The moment you've all been waiting for! Wii time!!!
It all starts out so invitation from an employee to come and "play" Wii.
There are lovely flowers, food, and drinks. Like sangria,
and yummy strawberry margaritas...and then IT begins. The terror called Wii "Dance".
It seems harmless enough at first.
Then the ugly copetition begins....and it quickly turns into something no one was prepared for...
Crazy wicked FUN!!!! The competition was on, a Wii Dance Olympics of sorts.
Moving at warp neck speeds....competing to win the best score possible...trying not to break too much of a sweat. That's me by the way...amazing even myself with how much I SUCKED at it!!! :o)
Our sangria and margaritas were suddenly not enough for our weary bods....and soon we turned to basic water to soothe our outta shape bods!
Competition got the best of us as we tried to knock off that young little thing with the dark hair (Taryn...the aformentioned employee...soon to be ex-employee!!! :o) in any way we could.
I was able to knock her off the pedestal once or twice....but this aged 36 year old body of mine was no match for her 21 year old bod....and Wii expertise. I'm thinking she set this whole thing up, just to show us up...hmmmmm....we fell into her trap! Well, at least she sent us home with goodie bags filled with bubbles, blingy rings, lip balm, and fingernail polish. Which were all perfect things, due to the fact that my worn out bod was capable of doing nothing more than polish my toenails! My conclusion? We were had by a really clever little 21 year old vixen...but we had a blast! Now I must find a way to get a Wii myself and plan my revenge....
:o) T.


  1. I'm in - let's both get a Wii and then we'll wait just long enough for her to forget, and then-BAM she won't know what hit her!!! PS Thanks for not posting a pic of me!! :-)

  2. Ok, it's a plan. Just remember, I let you off the hook this time Janie Poo...but don't get on my bad side :o)


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