Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Newest Funky Find, Crazy No?

I know that I tend to look at things a bit differently...I often see beauty in things that others have a hard time seeing. For instance, when I was junking down south of here not long ago, the gal that was with me thought I was a crazy person for buying this purse in an antique store. She kept looking at me sideways and saying "O. Kayyyyy-ayyyyy!?!?!?!"
I started to second guess myself, wondering if I should be put somewhere where other folks with "bad taste" go. You know some sort of decorative mental asylum for the beauty perceptive challenged. I thought: "I must be really crazy for wanting this purple felt purse with funky felt pom-pom flowers and crazy cowgirl loopy fringe! I mean look at Kim (my shopping buddy) she's carrying something elegant and refined....she always looks so put together and cute, not to mention her home is so quaint and cozy. What am I thinking anyway???" I was just about to tuck tail and run back to the booth from whence it came when....
my sister La Von came around the corner from talking with another dealer and exclaimed "WOW, that's a SUPER CUTE purse!!!!" It was then that I knew I would not be alone in the asylum....
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  1. I'll join the two of you in the asylum. I LOVE that purse!


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