Sunday, February 21, 2010

Entirely Domestic. Hmmmm....

Well, I've been doing a little soul searching this morning; good for Sundays. I was trying to figure out where my life seemed to be headed. In what direction shall I go? There are so many! I don't hide it here, this is something I'd be in constant conversation about with my Lord. But I think that since a "blog" is categorically defined as a "web log" that I should try to hash some of this stuff out right here.

Unfortunately I cannot divulge all that is going on in my life at the's like one of those things...if I told you I'd have to hunt you down and kill you....not really....but you know what I mean. I do however have a lot on my plate at the moment....I don't think that will end any time soon. The best part? Well, it's all pretty good stuff!

Having too many good things is actually a problem. Which good thing to persue? Which good thing to cut out? You can see where this is going....Well, in all those conversations I was talking about...I remembered a friend of mine told me to study Proverbs 31..."Hymn to a good wife." If you haven't read the MESSAGE version of vs. 10-31 of Proverbs 31....then I suggest you do. It is absolutely freeing to me! Even if you are NOT a would have to be hard pressed not to find some helpfull information there.

It is so refreshing to me to know that God doesn't expect us women to be retiring, servile, and entirely domestic. He wants us to be strong, dignified, and accomplished. We are manufacturers, importers, managers, realtors, farmers, seamstresses, upholsterers, and merchants! Many of which I am! YAY!!!

However...we need to keep our priorities straight with our families and homes as well. We also need to show compassion for those in need and who are hungry. We cannot achieve all that is listed in Proverbs 31....that is not the point. It is more to show you a guide...a way to channel yourself into service for Him. Are you game? What kind of Proverbs 31 woman are you? I'd love to hear your comments on this one! I can't wait to hear from you!!!

P.S. to all of you who have been sweet enough to leave such nice comments on the etsy blog I'm currently being featured on, well just let me say " Thanks bunches and ooodles!" You have made my week!" See it for yourself  Etsy finds decor: Family Affair.

Cheers, Trish :o)


  1. Hi Trish! I am new to your blog - heard about it from Etsy. So I was excited to see it and then REALLY excited to read your post and discover you are a believer in Christ! And a fellow Washington gal.

    I have been learning more about Proverbs 31 and I am not yet sure what kind of woman I am. I have really been learning in the past year how selfish I am and who God really made me to be and it is transforming.

    Congrats on the etsy blog! I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. Love your blog and just discovered it through Etsy today!
    Love your post...

  3. Loving your blog, Trish, and pleasantly surprised to discover you're a believer! I found you through Etsy as well. In the last couple years I've had this vaguely certain discovery that I AM AN ARTIST, and that I'm meant to design. Yet, I'm constantly self-defeating, and have no money for classes. So I begin, and begin again. Recently I made a love/life/ goals list, in which I listed my muses--things that inspire. One of them is Etsy, and your story,style and Etsy store are an inspiration as well.

    As to what kind of Proverbs 31 gal I am--I'm still discovering that! However, one of my Lenten reads is a beautiful study of Proverbs 31 called "Chosen & Cherished" by Kimberly Hahn. Perhaps I'll check back when I've read and prayed through it!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Oh my goodness ladies, I am humbled and a little bit misty eyed over all of your wonderful comments. I am so happy to have you here...I've been praying and struggling about what to do with these gifts He's given me...and I hope this is some of it. I can't tell you the joy that I feel knowing that there are others out there who have similar wants, dreams, and struggles...may we have a great time here together, give Him the glory, and find our Proverbs 31 places. Thanks are such a blessing to me! :o) Trish

  5. Hi Trisha, I just found your blog through Etsy. I also love Proverbs 31. I'm a designer, wife, mother of 3, follower of Christ...and really busy. Your post was perfect for me to see today because I'm going through the same kind of introspection lately - wondering where God is taking me right now as I wade through numerous opportunities. Can't He just tell me what His perfect will is?? My hubby encouraged me today with the story in Exodus of the Israelites following the cloud by day in the wilderness. All they had to do was stay under the cloud to escape the heat and be led in the right direction. God sets limits, but gives us much freedom within those perimeters. That encourages me to follow the desires that God has already put in my heart, as long as I keep my priorities straight. I suppose it's not so much about WHAT I do, rather HOW I do it. I'm always learning...

    Glad to have found your blog. Keep running the race. :)

  6. trish . happy to be here . words struck a chord . glad to find you on etsy . great music while i type . blessings .

    red or gray art

  7. Well here you go again - great banner on the top, great post, and great pics! I just had to stop here before I update the blog. Thanks for being a great friend - I appreciate you and your honesty with me!

  8. Oh Janice....if only I could really put into words how much I appreciate you and all that you do for us. I truly hope that you had a wonderful slumber party! I was thinking about you, wondering if you were the first one to fall asleep?!?! :o) Tee hee heee! Anyway...hope it was a blast for you and all the girlies! Enjoy the sunshine my friend, and I'll see ya on the morrow...

  9. As for the rest of all you lovelies...well, I'm so appreciative for all your wonderful comments!!! I am so encouraged to find such a wonderful presence of believers here. Let's see where He will take all of this shall we? I think it will be a super fun ride! Funny isn't it? I did actually picture all of us on a roller coaster together! I GET SHOTGUN!!!!! Now hands up in the air!!!!!


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