Monday, February 15, 2010

Sugar Shock Lovin'

Well, how did your Valentines Day go? We had a really great day at our house! Nobody got flowers, diamonds, or cheezy drug store decor. Instead, we had a blast together baking up a storm! I am now in Sugar Shock mode!!!! One of my sons wanted cupcakes, and the other wanted sugar we made BOTH! Yikes, what alot of work on those cookies...but the cupcakes were all simplicity due to Cherry Chip Betty Crocker.  I love Betty.
Are these sweet or what?

We made many more than this....but we ate a few too!

These cookies are fabulous! Not your typical sugar cookies, they are a mix of a snickerdoodle and gingerbread, in a sugar cookie/shortbread style. Let me just say this, 3 CUBES of BUTTER people....3 !!!!

As if cupcakes were'nt enough...or cookies....we decided to top one with the other for the ultimate Valentines treat!

All in all, we had a wonderful time (because I did most of the work while the boys played outside with a friend!) My hubby gave me the best gift he could: a whole day on Saturday to create new product for Grandiflora....I mean the whole DAY....CHILD FREE!!! It was Bliss. I let him have the whole day on Sunday to work on his bow....yes, his in bow and arrows. He is making his own from scratch like the native americans did. He is like that...has to figure out how things are done or made. I admire his patience for the craft. He is very creative, and I was happy to give him some down time after he did the same for me. As always, I don't think that it is how much you spend on Valentine's Day that's about acknowledging how much you appreciate those you love. That being said, we went and delivered bunches and lots of these cupcakes and cookies to friends and relatives who were happy to find two little boys, covered in mud holding delicate little pink goodies all while yelling "Happy Valentine's Day!!!"
It was a good day.
Cheers, Trish :o)

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