Monday, February 8, 2010

Tutorial: Sweet Baubles Card Holder

This sweet little card holder idea is so cute! On top of being adorable, I think it's very versatile as well. With Valentines Day just around the could have a little fun making these for your friends and loved ones. First, let me show you the many ways your card holder will perform for you...
I love using these little gems for placing my recipes up off of the dirty counter when I'm baking or cooking. It makes the recipe so much easier to read at eye level, not to mention I don't get all that grease and batter slathered all over my grandma's old original recipes. When I'm not doing either, I'll just slap something up into one of these beauties and voila! I've got instant artwork!
I also love to sling one of these over a bottle of wine or champagne as a hostess gift. It's great for holding a greeting card, a recipe for the dish your brought to share, or even just a photo your host may enjoy. I find this just makes the wine bags out there seem kinda bland....I mean hey....isn't it more fun if the wine is wearing jewelery???
The supplies that you need are fairly simple:
fishing line, paperclip, random beads and buttons in any color scheme, & super glue gel

1. What you do first, is thread some fishing line ( about 12" - 16" ) on the end of the paperclip. (Basically fold the string in half put the loop end under one side of the clip and thread the two other ends through it and pull tight; just like if you were threading a tag )
2. If you are going to use one big button for the center like I did, then thread both ends through the hole now. At this point you can begin adding beads at will. I do recommend using tiny beads towards the end (refer to my photo) if you plan to use the card holder on your cabinet knobs...this will allow for the "bracelet" part to slip easily onto any knob.
3. Once both strings are long enough with beads, go ahead and tie a double knot and set it with a dab of super glue gel.
4. At this point trim off any excess fishing line, and decide what you're going to use your card holder for first!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tutorial. I can see this being used for Valentine's Day cards with Champagne bottles, for weddings with a gift certificate for the bride and groom, anniversaries, birthdays.....well, as you can is somewhat limitless what you can come up with! I'd love to hear back from you if you end up making some of these little sweeties, not to mention see pictures!
Happy Crafting!
Cheers! Trish :o)

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