Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flowers, Gardens, and SHOPPING! Oh my!

Well, this past Saturday my sister, a friend, and I went to the Northwest Flower and Garden show. The day started out absolutely beautiful as you can see by this picture. We took our time getting there having lattes (thanks Kim!) and goodies along the way. Our biggest fun of the day happened to take place in Snohomish, a lovely little town filled with antiques and adorable decor shops. We stopped in to say hi to a few of our friends who have shops there. Maybe I'll have to blog about those finds and that part of the day another time....

After we pulled ourselves away from shopping, vowing we'd go back again one day is not enough! We drove into Seattle to go to the Garden show. As always it was beautiful. Above you'll find some little samplings of things we saw. The show is one of the best in the Nation, and we feel blessed to have it so close by. We wandered through gardens, shopped in booths, and had fun people watching. La Von, my sister was being stopped constantly by folks admiring her adorable boots....aren't they the bomb?

Well, after all that hulabaloo, we high-tailed it outta the city center and headed to the University Village and shopped some more! Ahhhh, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Ravenna Gardens....and then to the ZAO Noodle House for some yummy asian fusion food. After that we wandered into Barnes and Noble for a little magazine perusing. As we were heading to the car we noticed all the beautiful cherry trees were in early blossom mode. The Christmas lights are still turned on around there, and I couldn't resist a little snap. Hope you like it!

So...after getting home at 1 AM, I called it a very good day! I was exhausted....but had a few little treasures to show for it, which I'll have to show you some other time. Hope you had a lovely weekend doing something you love to do. Now I must go and do the dreaded house cleaning. I guess that's what happens when you play on your normal cleaning day :(
Blessings, and chat with ya soon!
Cheers, Trish :o)
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