Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekend Wanderer...

Went for a lovely walk in the woods lately. Had my boys with me, and of course my camera. What a beautiful contemplative place. God was teaching me a few good lessons that day:
Stop and turn over leaves and rocks...treasure lurks everwhere, you just need to look for it.
Creation is beautiful; in nature....and in fellow human beings.
Take time to let Him show you what you never knew you wanted to see.
Now all I have to do is try to remember my lessons....yeah, we'll see how that goes. Thankfully..." there is always another tomorrow with no mistakes in it yet." (Anne of Green Gables)'s the weekend! Yay! I'll be heading off to the Northwest's Flower and Garden show with my sister La Von. We make a habit of going every year to see what the gardening world is up to next. I'm looking forward to the butterfly tent (supposed to be new this year) and as always the shopping! In some ways I don't like to go this early in the season....I still have a ton of "inside" stuff to do before it's gardening season! Oh well, as always I'll be toting my camera to see if I can get you some great shots. Sometimes the lighting is an we'll see how it goes.
Until next week, have a great relaxing weekend, and remember to take time to let Him show you what you never knew you wanted to see.
Cheerio, Trish :o)

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